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Sensitive Teeth: When to See a Dentist

by | Sep 21, 2023 | Sensitive Teeth

sensitive teeth when to see a dentist canley heights dental care

Sensitive teeth can be quite uncomfortable, often causing pain.

In many cases, the most effective way to address this problem is by seeking professional dental care.

Recognising the key warning signs that signal a visit to the dentist’s office is essential.

This proactive approach will alleviate your discomfort and help avert the potential development of more severe oral health problems.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can arise from various factors requiring specific attention and care.

One prevalent cause is gum disease, which leads to gum tissue recession, exposing tooth roots.

Many individuals experience this issue as they age, particularly in their retirement years.

Another culprit behind sensitivity is enamel damage.

A diet rich in highly acidic foods and drinks, such as excessive soda consumption or frequent indulgence in acidic items like citrus, tomatoes, and pickles, can contribute to tooth erosion.

Occasionally, sensitive teeth can result from conditions like acid reflux or bulimia.

The regular contact of stomach acid with teeth can gradually erode enamel.

Additionally, sensitive teeth may stem from tooth decay, fractured teeth, or deteriorated fillings.

Suppose you notice sensitivity localised in a particular area of your mouth. In that case, it’s time to schedule an examination with your dentist to address the underlying issue.

When to See the Dentist if Your Teeth Are Sensitive?

Recognising the right time to see a dentist for sensitive teeth is essential for your long-term oral health and comfort.

Here’s a quick guide to identifying signs of unusual tooth sensitivity:

#1. Sensitive to Hot or Sweets

If your tooth reacts sensitively to hot temperatures or sweet foods and beverages, it’s a warning sign for dental health. Remember that “sweets” aren’t limited to candies; they can include items like coffee creamer or diet soda. If you experience a sudden, sharp sensation in a particular tooth, you must schedule a dentist appointment for evaluation and treatment.

#2. Discomfort When Biting Down

Experiencing sensitivity or pain while biting down should prompt attention.

It might indicate a significant issue, such as a cracked tooth or a broken filling.

On the other hand, it could be due to irritated gum tissue that can often improve with improved brushing and flossing habits.

Don’t hesitate to inform us when you notice tooth sensitivity during chewing. During your dental examination, we can conduct X-rays to screen for hidden concerns like cracks or abscesses that may not be immediately apparent.

Our priority is oral health, and addressing these issues ensures your ongoing dental well-being.

#3. Persistent Sensitivity

If your teeth remain sensitive for several weeks despite improving oral hygiene and dietary changes, it’s a warning sign. Prolonged sensitivity suggests an underlying issue, and it’s best to consult your dentist.

#4. Intolerable Pain

If sensitive teeth disrupt your daily life and become unbearable, seek immediate dental attention. Quick treatment relieves discomfort and can address potential hidden tooth problems.

#5. Accompanying Symptoms

Sensitive teeth frequently go hand in hand with other oral health issues, like gum disease, tooth infections, or visible damage like chips or cavities.

If you notice additional oral issues alongside tooth sensitivity, contact your dentist promptly for a thorough evaluation and proper treatment.

Understanding when to see your dentist ensures timely care, preserving your dental health.

See a Dentist for Sensitive Teeth Treatment in Canley Heights!

If you’re dealing with sensitive teeth, contact Canley Heights Dental Care for effective treatment solutions today.

At Canley Heights Dental Care, we make every visit to the dentist affordable and as easy as possible for every patient.

Visit your Canley Heights dentist today!

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