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Father’s Day Dental Tips from Canley Heights Dental Care

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Father's Day

fathers day dental tips from canley heights dental care

Happy Father’s Day!

Our Canley Heights dental team at sends you happy greetings on the upcoming Father’s Day celebration.

To all the amazing Dads out there in the Canley Heights area, we made a short list of our tips to maintain good overall health.

Tips to Maintain Good Overall Health for DAD

#1 Get an Oral Cancer Screening

Men have a greater chance of developing oral cancer, especially over the age of 45.

The good news is that oral cancer is curable the earlier it’s diagnosed. Consider undergoing an oral cancer examination while early!

#2 Schedule a Dental Cleaning & Exam

Postponing regular dental care is not good for your oral and overall health, as tooth decay and periodontal disease can affect the foods you eat and your blood sugar levels.

By making at least one annual visit to our practice, our dental hygienists can gently clean Dad’s teeth while our dentists check for any signs of dental problems.

#3 Wear a Sports Mouthguard

Wearing a custom-made sports mouthguard is an inexpensive way to protect his teeth during various forms of recreating. Losing teeth is costly – especially to replace missing ones!

#4 Maintain Good Daily Oral Hygiene

Brushing twice a day and mastering the art of flossing can all go a long way toward keeping Dad’s teeth healthy and help decrease any unexpected visits to the dentist.

#5 Dad Deserves the Best

Sparing some time to devote to their oral health will go a long way towards keeping your Dad smiling and in good health all year round.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show our appreciation to the Dads in our lives.

Reminding them that we want them around us for a long time and encouraging them to take care of themselves may also be the one gift they treasure the most.

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