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Making Dental Visits Positive for Kids

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Child Dental, Kid's Dentistry

making dental visits positive for kids

As your family dentist Canley Heights, we see a lot of little patients! We know that encouraging good dental health habits from an early age is key! And one of those habits is regular check-ups at the dentist.

The dentist needn’t be a scary place for children. We’re going to be sharing with you our top 4 tips for making dental experiences a positive experience!

4 Tips for a Positive Kid’s Dental Visit

It’s not uncommon for children to experience nervousness in unfamiliar situations. But, as a parent, there are ways you can help them overcome this.

Here are some good ways of turning your child’s dental visits into positive experiences.

#1. Start dental visits early

Starting your child’s dental visits at an early age has many benefits. The dentist chair becomes a non-threatening place to be if you start visits early.

It’s helpful to have your child seen by the same dentist for each appointment. This helps them form a relationship with their dentist.

A relationship built on trust and familiarity will make dental visits easy for years to come. Choosing a local, trusted and Children’s dentist that is good with kids is an ideal way to do this.

Regular dental check-ups at an early age encourage good, long-lasting dental habits. We recommend starting your child’s visits to the dentist as soon as they have their first tooth.

#2. Positive communication

Children learn a lot about the dentist from listening to others. So, when around little ears, it helps to share only positive experiences.

Discussing dental visits with your children is a great way to give them a positive view of going to the dentist.

Share with them the importance of regular dental visits and good dental hygiene. You can also highlight the fun and interesting parts of going to the dentist.

Illustrated kid’s books involving the dentist are a great way of communicating this.

#3. Appointments

When booking a dental appointment for your child, try to book early in the day before your child is too tired.

It’s a good idea, especially on first visits, to arrive with time to spare before your appointment. This allows your child time in the new surroundings to familiarise themselves.

During your child’s dental appointment, let the dentist have their full attention. A family dentist has the skills needed to provide positive, happy dental visits for kids.

When going to your own dental appointments, consider taking your child with you. It can be beneficial in easing their dental-related anxieties.

By having them in your appointment, they get to see how it all works and what happens. Family dental practices welcome this!

#4. Incentivise trips to the dentist

A tried and tested method of creating positive dental experiences for kids – incentivising.

You can incentivise trips to the dentist can help in many simple, yet effective ways. For example, allow your child to wear their favourite outfit to their check-up. Or reward them with a healthy, but fun, snack afterwards.

Combining your child’s visit to the dentist with another (nice) activity is also a way to do this.

Positive reinforcement has a significant effect on behaviour, especially at a young age. Simple verbal and physical forms of reinforcement do the trick well. This could be in the form of a few reassuring words, a thumbs up or a high five!

Your Friendly Kid’s Dentist in Canley Heights

As you can see, it IS possible to turn visits to the dentist into positive experiences for your children! Starting them young is the key to achieving this and will make both your life and their lives easier.

Habits that formed early on in life are lasting habits. And practising good dental hygiene is a great habit to have!

As a family dentist Canley Heights, we are here to support you. We love children! And we have the experience (and stickers and toys) needed for creating fun and happy visits to the dentist!

Our friendly team would love to look after your child’s dental health. Book an appointment today!

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