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Dental Health Week 2022: Love Your Teeth | Canley Heights Dental Care

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Dental Health Week

2022 August 1–7 is Dental Health Week.

The 2022 Dental Health Week campaign emphasises the value of loving and taking good care of your teeth and gums to retain your smile.

The four core messages of the 2022 Dental Health Week campaign and the primary oral health messaging from the ADA are intended to emphasise the significance of loving your teeth and practising proper oral hygiene to preserve your teeth for life:

#1. Use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice daily

Cavities can develop when meals, drinks, sweets, and acids are left on the teeth and gums for an extended period.

Cavities are holes that harm the tooth’s natural structure and increase the likelihood of an infection. These are taken out of your teeth and gums by brushing with fluoride toothpaste.

One of the simplest pieces of advice for maintaining healthy teeth and gums at home is this! Plaque shouldn’t only be scrubbed off the surface of your teeth when you brush them.

Plaque and any other buildup you may detect on your gums should also be removed.

#2. Every day, use dental floss or interdental brushes to clean in between your teeth

Every night before brushing, flossing is advised to get rid of any debris that your toothbrush can’t move. The probability of dental decay and gum disease is decreased by flossing because it helps eliminate food particles, germs, and plaque between your teeth.

Even though many patients admit to neglecting it, this step is crucial to a healthy habit.

Small food fragments and other deposits overlooked by your toothbrush when you merely brush and decide you don’t need to floss can eventually result in decay. Make sure you spend two minutes flossing each day to prevent this.

When you first begin flossing, it could sting your delicate gums. This is normal and will go away after a few days of flossing. Utilise an up-and-down motion to floss each tooth.

Do not overlook the need to floss in small crevices because your toothbrush cannot reach these areas.

#3. Limit added sugar intake while maintaining a healthy, balanced diet

You are what you eat. When you eat well, you will provide your body with wholesome meals that will strengthen your immune system and maintain the health of your teeth.

Avoiding sugary foods (including soda, sports drinks, and sweets) and eating calcium-rich diets will maintain strong and healthy teeth.

Further, your body will appreciate it! Leafy greens, almonds, yoghurt, and cheese are a few foods that can strengthen your teeth.

Ask your dentist for advice on what foods will help you maintain the strength of your teeth for years to come.

#4. Regularly visit your Canley Heights dentist for check-ups and preventive care

According to experts, people should have a check-up at the dentist every six months. Your Canley Heights dentist will clean the teeth and remove tartar and plaque during a standard dental check-up.

The dentist will look for visible indications of oral health problems such as mouth cancer, gum disease, cavities, and other conditions. Additionally, they could occasionally use dental X-rays to look for cavities.

Cavities can be avoided by visiting your Canley Heights dentist every six months.

Adults who regularly practise good oral hygiene and have a low risk of oral health issues might be able to see the dentist less frequently.

People might discuss how frequently they need check-ups with their dentist.

The answer could change depending on a person’s age, dental health generally, and medical history. However, anyone who observes changes in their mouth should see a dentist.

Love Your Teeth!

You must maintain a beautiful and healthy smile, just as you must continue to eat well and exercise to keep your body in good shape.

Canley Heights Dental Care is here to make every visit to the dentist affordable and as easy as possible for every patient.

Call us at (02) 9199 9678 or request an appointment online.

Visit us at 1/229 Canley Vale Rd in Canley Heights.

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