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4 Tips to Teach Your Child Good Dental Habits at Home

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Child Dental, Oral Hygiene

4 tips to teach your child good dental habits at home

A good dental hygiene routine that is developed from a young age is one’s best chance at healthy teeth for life.

Not only are good habits most easily picked up at a young age, but habits developed young tend to last.

Encouraging good dental habits for kids starts at home with you. As your family dental practice Canley Heights, we specialise in dentistry for children.

Because of this, we have a few tricks and tips to help you instil these good habits.

4 Steps To Good Dental Habits For Kids

Amongst children, tooth decay is one of the most common diseases. Each phase of a child’s oral development is important and needs special care.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can help your kids learn and enjoy the process of taking care of their teeth.

#1. Lead By Example

Little ones learn so much through observation. So, one of the ultimate ways to teach good kids dental hygiene from the very start is by being a good example.

Brush your teeth twice daily, and make sure it can be at a time your child can be present. Let them watch, ask questions and even give you a helping hand! Involve them in your flossing routine and make it seem interesting and fun!

Another important aspect of leading by example, when it comes to dental habits for kids is how you speak about your dental experiences.

We know that people experience anxieties surrounding going to the dentist. But, it’s important to not pass on any fears or negative experiences to younger ones.

The way your child perceives going to the dentist as a child will likely shape the way they perceive trips to the dentist in the long run.

#2. Introduce A “Peer”

Children respond well to having someone they can relate to when they are learning something new.

A good way to use this to your advantage is to find fun videos on YouTube of young children or children’s characters singing songs and brushing their teeth.

Vibrant, fun ‘props’ like the example above help teach kids how to brush their teeth and make brushing time something they can look forward to.

#3. Embrace High-Tech Tools

To a 5-year-old, an electric toothbrush is quite extraordinary! If kids’ dental hygiene tools are more like fun gadgets, then what’s not to like about toothbrushing time?

An electric toothbrush not only makes brushing fun but also ensures an effective clean. What is more, they are gentle on delicate little gums.

Another ‘high-tech tool’ that can generate some excitement around dental hygiene for kids is an electric water flosser.

#4. Reward Good Habits

As a parent, you’d already know that rewarding good behaviour goes a long way. Bringing rewards into the picture is a good way of teaching your kids that hard work pays off when it comes to keeping their teeth clean and healthy.

Rewards can be as simple as a star chart or an extra story at before-bed story time. Toddlers respond especially well to positive reinforcement.

Use something your child loves as an incentive for practising good dental hygiene. But ensure it’s not sugar-laden!

Practising Good Dental Habits at Home

Teeth brushing, flossing, and regular check-ups are key to great oral health. Good dental habits for kids can start developing as soon as they get their first tooth!

If you need a way to encourage good dental habits for your child, from home, the tips above are a great starting point.

Our dentists Canley Heights Dental Care specialise in dental care for kids. We are here to help you keep your child’s mouth healthy and make sure their dental experiences are positive.

Our friendly team would love to look after your child’s dental health. Book an appointment today!

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